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I was a student of Shantam for over 5 years. What I learned from him has indelibly marked my life and has been an instrumental part of building my career. Shantam's richly metaphoric storytelling teaching style always kept me fully engaged and inspired. I often literally felt at the edge of my seat (or meditation cushion) during his lessons. He has a rare combination of conjuring powerfully vivid archetypal imagery on any theme, while simultaneously maintaining grit and truth-telling. His ornamented and regal depictions would suddenly drop into one-pointed simplicity. Once he hit his target and there was understanding among his students, he would pause; sometimes for a long time, and allow silence to help the meaning sink in. I loved learning from Shantam. His own personal education has been so versatile and vast- from the spiritual to the academic to the artistic and beyond. He is a true contemporary renaissance man, a wise man, an artist and a healer. I would travel great distances to be able to study with him again.

Sarah Barab, Mindfulness Teacher

NYC, United States

I started studying Authentic Movement and meditation with Shantam Zohar in 2004. As time went by, I realized that these sessions had instigated a life changing and consciousness altering process, immensely impactful on my human development and relationship with the world. The sessions were deep, varied and creative, and embedded in various spaces, from closed studio walls to open desert hills, always saturated with social and internal experiences, under Shantam's accurate guidance. This guidance broadened my perspective on life and on my life's path – from the personal to the global – urging me to go beyond common perspectives of physical and mental boundaries. During the years of our individual and group practice, Shantam enabled this process by offering himself authentically, with truth and integrity. Always focused, concentrated, thinking clearly, with wisdom and professionalism. I am blessed to number amongst his students and grateful, from the depth of my heart, to him and to the universe for the privilege of this meeting.

Yifat Aharon, Transpersonal Psychotherapist

Tel Aviv, Israel

What first impressed me about Shantam was his focus, his compassion, his clarity of mind and his honesty. I have met many teachers, and Shantam stands out through his authenticity and congruency, living his life in the truth of his teaching. Shantam teaches by way of his own embodied mindful presence, found through his own inner work. As witness, he has the ability to name what he sees and guide individuals in honoring self without judgment. Shantam is consistent in maintaining his focus on supporting others in their growth as unique individuals living out the life they have been born into. I feel blessed to have walked a path of intersection with such a being as Shantam Zohar.


Janis Dehler, Hospice Grief Counselor

MN, United States

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